titleMANAJEMEN PENGEMBAGAN KINERJA GURU : Studi Tentang Kepemimpinan Entrepeuneur Kepala Sekolah , Budaya Sekolah , Dan Sistem kompensasi Terhadap Kreativitas dan Kinerja Inovatif Guru Pada Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan di Kabupaten Kuningan
publisherPPS UPI
subjectKinerja Guru
contributorTB. Abin Syamsuddin Makmun, Nanang Fattah
departementAdministrasi Pendidikan

This research is aimed at finding out the phenomenon and description of various aspects which are related to the teacher's performance in the effort of developing it to be more creative and innovative in response to changing demands. The research purpose is to explain the influence of Entrepreneurial Leadershih of Principal, School Culture, Compensation System on Teachers Creativity and Innovative Performance in undertaking the role and tasks as an educator at Vocational High School in Kuningan Regency.The method used in this research is survey with causal design, and questionaere is the main instrument to collect data, supplemented with interview, observation and relevant documents. Population of this research is ail teachers of vocational high school that number 897 persons, sample size, using Slovin formula, 264 persons, and sampling technique is proportionate random sampling.The research results show that entrepreneurial leadership of principal, school culture, and compensation system have significant influence to teacher's creativity with determination coefficient 86,80%. and 55,89% for the influence to innovative performance, whereas, the overall influence of entrepreneurial leadership of principal, school culture, compensation system and teacher's creativity to innovative performance, the determination coefficient is 56,70%.Based on the findings, it can be concluded that: (1J the development of teacher's performance to be innovative can be undertaken through the implementation of entrepreneurial leadership of principal, developing school culture, implementation of appropriate compensation system, and developing teacher's creativity; (2) Entrepreneurial leadership of principal has a dominant influence to all of the factors, so that every effort to develop capability of principal to be entrepreneur leader will influence school culture, compensation system, teacher's creativity and innovative performance. The implication is that efforts to develop teacher's innovative performace and creativity needs integrated approach with the efforts to develop school organization and management through the development of principal competency in implementing entrepreneurial leadership in reforming and transforming school organization